Our vision is simple...combine science, technology and students in an environment that fosters investigation, discovery and innovation.

This vision requires resources that are not readily available to most students.  Arduino, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 3-D printing are examples of technologies that have the potential to re-invent and revolutionize the way we currently apply technology.  The fusion of this new technology with young minds that do not have the old constraints of "this is how it's done" will foster an environment where "anything is possible" and provide an incubator of ingenuity and invention! 



We are not there yet.  While vision is a great thing and provides a "destination", the reality is that for a vision to happen there has be a community of like minded people coming together to give to the next generation their time, energy, resources, knowledge, expertise and, most of all, their love!  These components, all working together, become the vehicle that transports students to that grand destination and turn a vision into a reality!



We all have a responsibility to be good stewards of the earth.  Stewardship requires knowledge. Knowledge comes through learning and application. Underwater robotics is a unique field of science, engineering and technology that allows for even greater exploration of the marine environment.  This will lead to an increased understanding of the oceans thus allowing us to be better stewards of our planet.



The future of humanity requires us to look for novel approaches to novel challenges.  UREEF is a unique opportunity to get involved with a mission and a vision that have the potential to transform the way we look at education and how we approach the transfer of knowledge to our posterity. 

Won't you join us?