Apprentice Programs

In 2015, one of our high school seniors that had been in the program for the previous 4 years applied for and was accepted into the Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (SEAP) sponsored by the the Office of Naval Research (ONR).  This is an 8 week program at the Naval Research Laboratory, Stennis Space Center, MS that pairs budding scientists and engineers with seasoned professionals that are doing active research on real world problems.   This particular student is now actively working toward a bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering.

In January 2016, another one of our students received word that she had been accepted into the SEAP program for summer 2016!  This student is planning at present to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering after starting college in the fall of 2016.


College Attendance

While the overarching goal of UREEF is to equip and make ready a new generation of scientists and engineers, the reality is that not all students will go to college.  Out of the four students that have graduated high school and participated in SeaPerch, two are pursuing college degrees in engineering, one is serving our country in the armed forces and one is pursuing a career in the food service industry.  The current class of 2016 participating in the UREEF SeaPerch program has 3 senior students and two of them are planning on pursuing a college degree in engineering.  For those students who decide that college may not be the path they want to take, once again, the goal of UREEF is to equip and prepare these students as well, to be productive workers and leaders with a skill set that will help them succeed in any career path they desire to pursue.